Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm all over the place I suppose!
Watching the sound of music while I put away summer clothes and fitted shirts that will be of no use to me, hanging up some borrowed maternity clothes...and a folgers commercial came on and I was borderline between tearing up and crying. Oh. Dear.

Also - please pray for us as we decide between buying or renting. We are really trying to seek the Lord's will on this big decision. Thanks!!


  1. Awww... What a cute little belly! I can't wait to watch our bellies grow together! :)

  2. keep me updated on the house situation! You look awesome by the way

  3. booj, that shirt looks hard to look at :) and I guess you forgot to tell me you were re-evaluating housing as well! Yes, may the Lord clearly guide you guys!

  4. I love that shirt! You are so cute!