Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Girl

Well, the little lady is officially 11 months. Cannot believe how fast time has gone and sorry for the lack of posts, haven't been around a computer much :( We have been recovering slowly from the holidays, trying to get some sleep, having playdates and some time with family. Been going on walks in good weather and some not so good weather...snow and cold (one time for man burgers from jack straws, the other just to get outside with my mom...). But they have been fun days. Loving playing with new toys with the girl from Christmas and watching curious george, watching lucy see and try new things. She is in such a discovery phase and it's so much fun to watch her and have her mimick us with sounds and motions. Ah, could go on forever. She is such a doll baby - we love her so much and are so blessed by her little presence in our lives. Here are some recent pictures from my Ipod :) Fell asleep on the way home from a fun playdate:
Happy girl:
Climbing on her chair:
Snowy and frigid walks, she is not loving the snowsuit...haha:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas gifts!

Not sure about any of you, but I just didn't know what to ask for this year. Didn't feel like there was much that I needed or even REALLY wanted. But just wanted to mentioned that I got some really fun loot this year....
(not the same pair, but very similar) Gray laceless saddle shoes Brown Bass boots (dressier than any that I had) Francesas gift card and jewelry organizer Fun tops from Nordstroms, Macys & Francescas Chick-fil-a gift card from the grab bag game And much more! Christmas and birthdays have lost most of their magic the older that I get, so getting some fun gifts and just having special times together as a family makes it all so fun and wonderful (even without Santa in the picture) :) Also - we celebrated Christmas with the Jones fam on New Years Day. And despite the fact that I was still recovering from my bout with the stomach flu, we had such a fun afternoon and evening together. A wonderful Italian meal, played wits and wagers, opened presents together by the tree, played our grab bag game, had the traditional game of nerts with my sis-in-law, Sarah. Oh and I won. Special times with everyone and Lucy's first which makes it all the more fun <3

Sunday, January 8, 2012

4 year anniversary

December 15 marks our four year anniversary of marriage (9 years + 1 month together total). WOW! How has it been that long?! To celebrate, we went out on the 15th (Joe's day off) to Flat Top Grille in Naperville and tried to go to Coldstone afterwards, but it was closed :( Flat Top and coldstone was our traditional date all our years at Taylor. We would drive the long trek to the promenade in fort wayne - it was always SO fun and we would eat SO much yummy food and then cake batter ice cream. LOVE. So we enjoyed dinner, I got the desert pear lemonade - ummmm, it was amazing. I would go there just for that. But fortunately for me it came with delicious stir fry as well :) Oh and I can't forget the flat bread on the side - a MUST try. We both got 3 bowls.........yeah, we're crazy, but it was delicious. Also Joe gave me some silver heart earrings that are so pretty and also a happy anniversary hand written letter - but not just any...months earlier he had found a happy anniversary letter he wrote me on our 1 year anniversary of dating, just a month after we had both become believers in Jesus and this letter was so sweet and had much about his hopes and dreams for us personally, for our spiritual growth and relational growth and just for all that was ahead, Lord willing, for us. SO he took that letter and compared it to the one he wrote me for being married 4 years and responded to each item and made new goals, dreams, etc. related to where we are now. Not sure I explained that well...but it was awesome and so sweet and meaningful. Blew me away....I am so blessed to have this man by my side through this life! So coldstone was closed so we got a hot chocolate from Le Chocolat - also a great place for any locals :) Joe's parents put Lucy down at their house and we came back to their house and stayed there. It was such a fun date and so fun not to have any time pressures for getting home and then Joe was off the next day, so we had such a great weekend of celebrating our marriage and our family and all of those wonderful things!! Hooray for 4 years and praying for many more to come <3