Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 2011

Here are LOTS of photos of our growing but still teeny girl :)
She has been sleeping real well and is such a happy, always kicking and moving baby. We bring her with us everywhere and have had such a ball with her. And I'm so thankful I can be home with this sweetie pie!

Some highlights of May have been our college TROOPS reunion 2011 at Erica's lake house, Lucy meeting her Aunt Kathy and Great Grandparents on the Mittelberg side & all the Troops including the current love of her life, Rudy, spending time with the Jones and Bubar families, Lucy's dedication to the Lord on my first official Mother's Day - And my mom and grandparents were there along with the Jones gang - very special!!
We've also been enjoying working on planting vegetables, flowers and perennials and fixing up our porches to be fun sitting areas for the mornings and evenings. SO looking forward to the summer days to come!!

Troops Reunion 2011! We had a great weekend together, despite the cold and rainy weather :( SO good to see everyone - we always have a blast catching up, playing games, watching a movie (assuming we can figure out the player...)!
Here are some photos - so fun to bring little Lucy this year and enjoyed introducing her to Rudy <3