Saturday, February 26, 2011

More pics of Lucy Joy

Lucy is over a week old now - can't believe it!
We have loved being home with her this week. She is eating and sleeping well and we are thankful. We've had lots of visitors and meals and have been given some sweet baby girl clothes which we've loved too.
Shoop came to visit this week along with some Grace church friends, youth group kids, Pete and Renae, and Aunt Hymie (aka Burge or Elizabeth) came today :) And she met her Great Grandma Bubar and saw her Great Aunt Mary again at Red Lobster!
Lucy has been showered with lots of love this week :)
She can't wait to meet her Aunt Allison, cousin Caleb and Aunt Ashley in the next couple weeks as well.
Here are some more photos!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our baby GIRL is here!

Wow - we were certainly surprised!! We had been told the last 7 months that we were for sure having a boy - by pretty much everyone: family, friends, co-workers, strangers and Surprise it was a girl!! What a sweet, sweet surprise. We love her so, so much and can't imagine having a boy now, even though that is what we mostly pictured for the whole pregnancy. ha...
Also quite a surprise for my water to break 2 weeks early! We were definitely NOT prepared, but we got ready fast.
We are home and doing well. I was struggling this afternoon with pain - realized I hadn't had Ibprofuen in like 9 hours, so Joe ran to get me some and I'm doing a lot better. Nursing is going well, I'm sore, but such is life!
Here are some pics from my dad's ipod, will work on getting more up soon!

We are just so thrilled and thankful - feel so blessed and just love this baby girl so, so much. Thank you for your prayers - love to you all~~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shower #4

My very last shower was Saturday, February 5 at Elizabeth's parents house in Wheaton - she was my college roommate for 3 years (pretty much). It was so nice to see so many friends from Taylor, Wheaton area, church friends and a couple sister in laws, all combined in one place. Very fun!
Rachel took these lovely pictures and gave a sweet devotional on Abraham and Isaac. We also played some fun games and had some yummy food. Was a great day and feel very blessed that so many could come and for all the wonderful gifts for Baby Jones!!

Valentine's Day and 37.5 week appointment

I started this last week and never got to upload the pics - so here it is a tad late without the pics :)

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's day! We aren't big participants in the "holiday" but we still got each other little gifts and it was a special evening - we watched a movie and I made a big steak dinner, party potatoes, corn and salad! So that was nice.

Also, my 37 week appt was yesterday as well. The Dr. said I was just over 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced. So sounds like good progress. I just told her I can't go this week while my parents are out of the country!! Having a little hand/foot swelling but not much. She only noticed bc of my sock line...
She said it'd go away right after birth...and the weight too.....haha

37 Week update:

How am I feeling? Good overall.
Movement: The movement is so different than in the 20-30 week range. I think just because the baby is so big. It's more like the baby will jut out of my stomach or I'll see him or her shift from the right side of my belly to the left or see a butt sticking out, etc. Very odd! And higher rib kicks now too.

Doctor’s Appointment? Appt was good. Baby's heart beat was 140. My belly was 38 cm, I'm over 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced. so far, so good.

Sleep? Having to get up 3-5 times a night, which is no easy task. Still can't find an easy way to get up or roll over at night. It's always an uncomfortable process! I actually take a break rolling from the left side to my right side and hang out there on my back for a little...I've even fallen asleep that way even though it's not comfortable...geesh :)

Weight Gain? 25 pounds

Baby Preparation? Washing clothes, getting the room settled. Not too easy, just takes time. But it's been a lot of fun to see it all coming together. So thankful for all the wonderful gifts. Baby Jones is already so blessed, even before making his or her appearance!

Likes/Dislikes? Getting some heart burn with heavier/spicer foods. Just at night, of course....

Milestones: Baby should be around 6.3 lbs and 19 inches (unless mine is bigger or smaller) but that is average for this stage. Lungs should be fully developed, which is awesome. So we're just awaiting the arrival of this little one and praying he or she is healthy!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Shower #3

My third shower was Monday, January 31 with Grace Church of DuPage ladies and hosted at the Fernandes in West Chicago. My mom was there for it as well - and this was the night the pre-snowstorm started and my mom had a small window to make it home tuesday morning before the BAD, EPIC snowstorm hit hard. Carley Freeman did my devotional and it was awesome - she's been such a sweet friend and huge encouragement to me through these last 2.5 years that we have done youth ministry together. So thankful for her, Matt and Ruby.

This shower was attended by a lot of Grace Church ladies - around 66? Wow! I was still opening gifts when people were leaving due to the snow that was falling fast :) So we loaded up the car in the snow and got home around 10:00 p.m. - eeks!
Got a couple BIG group gifts including a glider and jogging stroller, lots of cute little sleepers, blankets, books, toys, etc...
Very thankful for so much generosity!!
And also thankful I was then able to have the Wednesday and Thursday off after this shower bc of snow days - because here are photos of our baby room after these 3 days in a row of showers......OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Shower #2

My second shower took place on Sunday, January 30 at my Mother-in-law's house - hosted by her and my sister-in-law, Ashley, who flew in from Delaware! All the Jones sister-in-laws were there and helping and so were lots of Jones family members - aunts, cousins - also neighbors and close family friends. Also, my mom and aunt were able to be there as well. We had great food and played some fun games - one was where everyone guessed my belly size with yarn and lets just say I must LOOK realllly BIG because everyone but one was WAY off!! :)
Was a great group of gals and some of us stayed late talking all about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, being a mom - the works. Very helpful! :)

Here are some photos of the day and the loot!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

36 week appointment

Well, I'm 1 cm dialated and 60% effaced - guess all those "mild contractions" and braxton hicks haven't been in vain. Things are slowly progressing :)
So just trying to get my work replacement ready to go, finish working on the nursery and gifts, etc...
FUN times - getting excited - think it might be finally hitting us that this is real!
24 days till D-day, eeks!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shower #1

Here are photos from my Michigan shower.
It was such a nice time - wonderful gifts, lots of books! Fun to see a couple friends from Jr. High and High School and a lot of ladies who have watched me grow up :)
Beth (pink sweater) did my devotional and it was really good and encouraging. Nice to know I have moms to call for advice too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

35 Weeks and Snowed In!!!

This weather has been absolutely insane!! We actually had some company who came last night (yes, they are crazy and they brought extra clothes...hmmmmm) so surprise, surprise, they were literally snowed in last night. They stayed over and left this afternoon after the boys shoveled out the buried cars and after we all went for a walk and then came home for hot chocolate and to warm up. What an adventure!
Last night was CRAZY. We had to rope our porch windows closed but we STILL had a porch full of snow and drifts in the driveway taller than us. It was NO visibility everytime I looked out last night. We had branches down, but fortunately did not lose power like my in-laws did!

Here are some photos!!

YES, they jumped off this and into the snow.....