Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinterest NOT-Fail

So I recently heard of the website and it's pretty funny and just other things I have seen about people trying different things and "epic failing." Pretty humorous.
With that said....I have done pretty well on pinterest. Recently talked to a friend and we both have the problem of pinning A LOT and actually trying VERY LITTLE of our pins. But really of the recipes, cleaning tips, organization or decorating ideas that I have tried, I have been happy & impressed.

So this one was a little hard for me to believe but since it only cost $1.99, I knew it was worth trying....
It also made me ECSTATIC to know that I am not the only one with NASTY grout, chaulking or  whatever the heck it's called....
If you clean your tub rim and the mold or mildew junk just won't budge, you HAVE to try this.
I have tried scrubbing it with bleach and every cleaner as well as letting the industrial strength, nasty smelling junk from Home Depot sit on it for 15 mins and rinsing and it's all done NOTHING.

So here's the long awaited site I found. It will change your shower forever if your shower was anything like mine.....(And look below for before and after pics from our bath!)



Conclusion - Worked AMAZINGLY well - I am just going to do it one more time and the black which turned to pale orange or some faded color will probably disappear with round 2!

Also - be sure to by the small $1.99 package of CelluCotton (or 2) - at first they thought they only had a big box of it for $15

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