Monday, August 19, 2013

Cheap-O Popsicles

We love Popsicles. Favorites of all time: Open Nature Vanilla Greek Yogurt popsicles at Safeway stores. And Fruitare bars - these are newer. The strawberry & milk ones are TO-DIE-FOR and the mango ones are great and I got joe the banana & milk ones and he loved them. Seems like there's lots of coupons around for these too, since they are new.

Another plug for our Dominick's (Safeway) is I always seem to be able to get meat, milk, cheese, sour cream, eggs, OJ, yogurt 50% off if it's close to it's sell by date and that's always worth it to me if I know we will be able to use it up soon.
So I got this "go-go" for like $1.50? And had some left that I needed to use and made these popsicles and Lucy has been eating them (my girl who eats almost nothing...!!) Yay!!!!

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  1. Oh, those popsicles sound great! Thanks for the tip! :)