Tuesday, December 16, 2014

7th Anniversary

Princess-Cut Floating Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/5 ct. tw.)

So I have been seeing these commercials for Forever Mark rings and about promising Forever....found this refreshing. What if all marriages really were committed to Forever, till death do us part. Everyone says it in their vows, but how many of us keep this promise? The answer is discouraging and disheartening. But it starts with me and you. On my anniversary I recommitted in my heart to being in this marriage forever and ever. And I'm thankful that I know my husband feels that way too. I think our world would change if everyone would really make this commitment.

With that said, no, I didn't get a diamond ring on our anniversary.
This is more what our night looked like. Monday night half-priced ribs, garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw. And it was PERFECT.

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