Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for Grace Church

Ok - so I was thinking, what am I thankful for today and I thought: Grace and the people there and then I thought, shoot, I'm totally copying Sari...oh well :)

Why I love Grace Church:
It's such a unique place. It feels like a family, even as it grows. And the youth group has been so wonderful and welcoming. We just love those kids so much. I feel like a half mother, half sister to like 30 girls :) :)
It is the first church that I have ever been at long term where my dad wasn't the pastor and that was hard at first, but now I can't really picture being anywhere else.
Everyone is so generous. With their time, talents, treasure, everything and they are always offering one of those things in our direction, whether for youth group needs or for us personally.
We are just so grateful - God has been so good to lead Joe's family there 18 or 19 years ago and to keep Joe and I there through college and now.
Our Marriage Builders Group last year

The fam outside the church

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