Tuesday, March 8, 2011

These Days...

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posting, I only have a computer after Joe comes home at night :(

Lucy is doing well - we've just been running a lot of errands together, having visitors, eating, sleeping and now Grandma is here to spend time with us until Friday! So we were walking all around Wheaton today, stopping at shops and Starbucks :)

Lucy has been eating every 3 hours since the hospital, so that is good and going longer most nights, more like 4-5 hours. Though she struggles sleeping through the first shift of the night, 10pm-12:30am or so...any suggestions?
She's such a sweetie, not a fussy girl and happy most all of the time, very thankful!
Here are some photos since Sari was bugging me about it... :)


  1. Thank you. Thank you. I much appreciate it. I can't wait to meet her. Glad you are feeling well and up and about! Love you guys!

  2. Oh those late nights...I tried EVERYTHING to change my kids from staying up so late. Nothing really worked for us. I don't say that to be a downer...I am just saying power through! It's temporary :). Both my kids go to bed between 7 and 730 now.

  3. she's so fresh out of the oven, I wouldn't worry about that earlier shift...sounds like she's doing great with eating and sleeping at this point! glad your mom got to visit again.