Saturday, February 26, 2011

More pics of Lucy Joy

Lucy is over a week old now - can't believe it!
We have loved being home with her this week. She is eating and sleeping well and we are thankful. We've had lots of visitors and meals and have been given some sweet baby girl clothes which we've loved too.
Shoop came to visit this week along with some Grace church friends, youth group kids, Pete and Renae, and Aunt Hymie (aka Burge or Elizabeth) came today :) And she met her Great Grandma Bubar and saw her Great Aunt Mary again at Red Lobster!
Lucy has been showered with lots of love this week :)
She can't wait to meet her Aunt Allison, cousin Caleb and Aunt Ashley in the next couple weeks as well.
Here are some more photos!


  1. so beautiful! :) I hope we will get to meet her someday! :)

  2. She also can't wait to meet her favorite Troops Auntie and future husband. You forgot to write that.

  3. So jealous budgie got to meet her!