Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 Month update!

Well Lucy had a great 4 month appt which was very encouraging after the Dr. wanted her weight up. I tried to explain that I was a tiny baby and wasn't expecting to have a chunker, but's been good to her her weight continuing to progress at good intervals. So she got a great report. And she was smiling at and talking to all the nurses and Dr. which was really cute :) Even the nurse who gave Lucy her shots, she was real sweet to her, smiling and cooing when we were walking out, so I guess she forgives easily :)
Lucy weighs 13lbs 2.5oz, is 25.5 inches - 90% for height, 50% for weight, got more shots :( but is healthy and doing well! Praise the Lord!

Here are some recent pics of us all when we were out on a walk - stopped by the Wheaton band concert and Lucy just LOVES looking at all the trees and leaves when we walk under them, she always looks amazed and in awe. Love seeing things through her eyes as she discovers new things and takes it all in.