Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorating!

I just LOVE getting the tree up, stringing the lights, putting up the ornaments while drinking cocoa and listening to Christmas music. THE.BEST.
It was extra special this year because the little lady was there - and she makes everything merry & bright... :)

We also had to rearrange the furniture this year to get our HUGE tree up...why does it look average size out in the big field and gigantic in our home?? Even in the coach house, we would put up a huge tree. I just love Christmas, so I guess big trees are necessary? :) I love our tree this year. It smells wonderful, is healthy and fresh and looks verry beautiful - 100,000 times better than our dead tree from the lot last year...Never.again.

Here are some photos of the girl decorating the tree and the new set up in the living room & dining room.


  1. The tree looks great! and p.s. I want that chair!

  2. Your place looks super cute....and so does Lucy. It will be a fun christmas this year with her...maybe we'll see you if you're back in MI

  3. it's so pretty!!! :) very nice!!!!

  4. aw this looks so great and festive!