Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas gifts!

Not sure about any of you, but I just didn't know what to ask for this year. Didn't feel like there was much that I needed or even REALLY wanted. But just wanted to mentioned that I got some really fun loot this year....
(not the same pair, but very similar) Gray laceless saddle shoes Brown Bass boots (dressier than any that I had) Francesas gift card and jewelry organizer Fun tops from Nordstroms, Macys & Francescas Chick-fil-a gift card from the grab bag game And much more! Christmas and birthdays have lost most of their magic the older that I get, so getting some fun gifts and just having special times together as a family makes it all so fun and wonderful (even without Santa in the picture) :) Also - we celebrated Christmas with the Jones fam on New Years Day. And despite the fact that I was still recovering from my bout with the stomach flu, we had such a fun afternoon and evening together. A wonderful Italian meal, played wits and wagers, opened presents together by the tree, played our grab bag game, had the traditional game of nerts with my sis-in-law, Sarah. Oh and I won. Special times with everyone and Lucy's first which makes it all the more fun <3


  1. Fun stuff, love the gifts! Sooo glad you are over that flu junk. :-/ And so glad you enjoyed your holidays. :)

  2. I let you win to make you feel better about the past 2 years of my domination!