Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Girl

Well, the little lady is officially 11 months. Cannot believe how fast time has gone and sorry for the lack of posts, haven't been around a computer much :( We have been recovering slowly from the holidays, trying to get some sleep, having playdates and some time with family. Been going on walks in good weather and some not so good weather...snow and cold (one time for man burgers from jack straws, the other just to get outside with my mom...). But they have been fun days. Loving playing with new toys with the girl from Christmas and watching curious george, watching lucy see and try new things. She is in such a discovery phase and it's so much fun to watch her and have her mimick us with sounds and motions. Ah, could go on forever. She is such a doll baby - we love her so much and are so blessed by her little presence in our lives. Here are some recent pictures from my Ipod :) Fell asleep on the way home from a fun playdate:
Happy girl:
Climbing on her chair:
Snowy and frigid walks, she is not loving the snowsuit...haha: