Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucy Turns One!

I cannot believe our little baby turned one year old this month! It's unbelievable how fast this year has gone by. We've been very nostalgic thinking back to the day she was born and just all of those new & wonderful feelings we felt and all the joy we experienced that first night and beyond.
We were able to celebrate Lucy's birthday with Joe's whole immediate family - 10 adults and 3 kiddos! It was a big group and a little overwhelming for her, especially since she decided to skip her afternoon nap that day :(
But it was SO sweet and so much fun. She loved being around her cousins, Noella and Mercy and she was trying to jump like they were and keep up with them. So precious!!
We had a great family dinner together, played party games with the kids, and then had cake and presents. The cake time was definitely overwhelming with us all crowding around her taking photos and videos and the girls being excited, but she got through it :) And then we opened some fun presents from everyone and even some special deliveries from Florida! Then Lucy went night night and all the guys & girls got some segregated time together which is always enjoyable :)
Then my parents were here for a few hours on friday and we got to open Lucy's gifts together and had a special lunch at Domo 77 - Lucy's first time for Hibachi! :)
So thankful that so much of our family is nearby and have been able to be so involved in Lucy's first year of life!

Here are some of her first ever photos that I love and then are photos from her party!!

*Also - Lucy stats are 90th percentile for height and 20th or below for weight! She's a string bean! :) 18lbs 6oz - she's our little peanut, but she is healthy and strong, yay! :)


  1. Seriously have to admit that I laughed out loud seeing those pictures of her crying over the cake. I'm sure that was so overwhelming for her - but it was still so sweet and cute. :) She's adorable no matter what she's doing!! I can hardly believe she's only 18 lbs, I think Parker was that at like 1.5 months, lol. ;) Looking forward to catching up on Tuesday, woohoo!!

  2. yay I was waiting for these pics! So cute in her little ponytail!

  3. She was so overwhelmed!! She is a little string bean...love her and so glad that I am close now!!

  4. So thankful to be there to see Lucy turn one!! Love that little girl!