Friday, March 2, 2012

Recent excursions

Joe and I got to go to Chicago to drop off the Moody students & the van after church and then we walked a couple miles to the train and missed it by 30 seconds, so we got to have a nice dinner together and got lots of rare one on one time while Joe's family watched the Lucy girl. It was a very fun time & a beautiful day. We miss being able to go down there - maybe we will try to take Lucy there with us one of these days!

We also went to a forest preserve in Winfield recently and went for a long walk with the girl. We've been so thankful for this mild winter, it's been so fun to be able to still go for walks around town and get out to the car more easily :) Yet we are still anxiously awaiting spring and summer!


  1. That was so sweet of you guys to drive the Moody students back! I'm glad that missing the train turned into a fun date. Don't you love Chicago?

  2. Yes!! Love Chicago - jealous that you live there!!! :)
    We will have to come in the spring and go to the zoo with you guys and oven grinders too!! :)