Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring: Cleaning, Planting and Being Outside

Here's a few pics of projects I've been working on around the house.

1. Taking all breakables off of the shelves and replacing with baskets to try to make a system of where things go since we will be losing an office when Lucy gets her new room.
Oh and we got a new piece of art that I really like - sorry it's dark - got 2 bulbs out on the chandelier...oops

2. Cleaning the clutter off of the table and trying to mix cute with practical. My mission for this spring is definitely to de-clutter since that's my never-ending problem. (Napkins are in the little box)

3. Planting my window boxes and some planters since my window boxes still had Winter stuff in them and that just seems SO wrong when it's 85 degrees outside. I got them planted right before a storm and it was a lot of fun! Aren't they pretty pansies??

(sorry another dark pic - taken at 7:30 p.m.) :)

4. We got the cheapest patio set at Costco and some cute cushions and I'm definitely liking it. Just set it up last night - still have a lot I'd like to do out there. But it's a start!!

5. Have had a few fires out back - hot dogs, marshmallows, etc. Fun times. We all love being out there! :)

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