Friday, March 30, 2012

Deals at the new JCP

So Lucy was a little sicky with a flu bug and we were cooped up inside way to long so we went on a little outing to the mall. I've been wanting to go walk around the JCPenney because I've been curious about the big changes they have made according to their TV ads and new ad/marketing campaigns...

Well we walked through the jewelry, maternity, kids clothes and lastly shoes. oh my stars, they don't have carts so I was chasing a very fast crawler in high heels. do not recommend. she was entertained with the mirrors for awhile but then found the aisles and would take off.
I got 3 pairs of shoes on their clearance for $5 EACH. Ummmm, yes please!
of course shoes for Lucy were $15 each.......


  1. reminds me of when we used to bring you to the kmart in gas do have an eye for a bargain! :)

  2. Haha yep - who would have thought that I would find the best pencil skirt I have ever owned at kmart?!

  3. Nice! I'm glad you were able to find something fun to do after the sicknesses!! I don't understand why those bigger mall stores don't have carts, sure seems like it wouldn't be that hard to do, but I guess then they'd have to have cart corrals outside, employees gathering them up, a way to ensure they didn't end up throughout the mall, etc, but still... would be nice! Those shoes are all super cute, glad you got some good finds!!