Saturday, May 26, 2012

Michigan Trip - May 2012

We went home to St. Joe Michigan for a graduation ceremony and for some time with my side of the family.
Got in 9 holes of golf, a couple dates with Joe, kilwin's ice cream (which has significantly gone up in price...a milkshake is $7.17 - i seriously laughed outloud thinking it was a joke, but it was not.), a little beach time, Joe and my dad took the kayak over to it's summer location at a friend's home on the lake, lots of time out on the porch, lawn and walks around the neighborhood.

Here are some photos of our time together!

25/26 weeks


  1. So fun! I talked to your mom--she loved having you guys visit of course and also loved the one-on-one time with Lucy. You are looking great by the way. And yeah, I hear ya about Kilwins we only go there w/ our SuperBook bogo coupons!

  2. Glad you had a great time! Sounds fun! - And that IS a ridiculous price for a milkshake no matter how good it is!!

  3. Love the pics! Yay for Michigan summers and beach time!