Saturday, May 5, 2012

Prayer for the Joneses in Ethiopia!

Great news! We just heard that Don and Sara are safely in Ethiopia - Praise the Lord!
It is 8 hours ahead there and their courtdate is on Monday early afternoon there so if you could be praying for them as you go to bed on Sunday night - that everything will go smoothly, that the judge will pass them and approve them as the boys' parents and that there will not be any hiccups, delays or problems, that would be awesome.
Trusting the Lord for the lives and futures of these sweet boys who need a loving family and home and praying that the court sees fit for them to be a part of the Jones family forever.
Thanks for your love and care for our family through this extremely long process, they so appreciate the prayers and support and I will keep you all posted as things are finalized.

The suitcase of clothes and toys for the boys:

The boys!


  1. Tears in my eyes as I read this update! I have been praying for them...will continue to ask God to pour out his favor on your bro and sis!

  2. YAY!! Thanks for the update - been praying for them regularly and have our picture of the boys with us so we're regularly thinking of & praying for them. Tim is sporting his Ethiopia t-shirt today too! :) So thankful for them, for these boys, and for all God is doing!!! Praise God they're there safely and soon will be holding those boys! Continuously praying for them!!! Thanks so much for the update :)