Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FREE Necklace!

Update - get a free 3 bubble necklace - expires today and a free 1 bubble necklace - expires Nov. 30.  Go here to claim these offers http://www.facebook.com/carolinegshop -  all the comments I've seen on these necklaces are positive. You can't beat the price - you just pay $5.96 for shipping!

Ok so learned about these sweet necklaces here:  http://coconutrobot.com/2012/11/5543/
And they are having these insane deals - these bubble necklaces are $9.99 - who wouldn't want one?!? I ordered a few - they have 1 bubble, 3, 5 and the lots of bubbles one :)

The special deal has to be claimed through facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/carolinegshop ) and then that directs you back to the website. ( http://carolineg.bigcartel.com/ )
Merry Christmas to all the ladies on your list!

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  1. Cute necklaces! Thanks for sharing the links, Rachel!