Thursday, November 8, 2012

Noah - 2 months

Little man isn't so little anymore! He's 11lbs 6.5oz - 37%, 58% for height and 18% for head! :)
He also had an attached tongue and got that clipped last week, poor guy :(  He is doing better with eating now though - not slurping so much and not taking in as much air that was making him cry & be so burpy.

He has been SO smiley and talkative lately, it's precious! Here are some photos of our 2 month old!


  1. Sweetness. Love that you are enjoying a boy so much!

  2. Ahhh...2 months already? He is so sweet!

  3. He is SOOO adorable!!! I can't wait to hold him again! :) I forgot to ask you how the tongue clipping went! Ughh I can't imagine but I'm glad he's doing better now. :)