Friday, January 11, 2013


Just thinking about Prayer. About my desire to spend more time in prayer and be more intentional in praying in this new year. I'm thankful for my email accountability group who encourages me to read and pray faithfully and who shares trials they are going through and requests for prayer. It's such a blessing to see into people's hearts and struggles and know that I'm not alone in mine.

On my heart right now -
1. Reading about Hobby Lobby and wondering how long we will have some of the freedoms we have always enjoyed and taken for granted, particularly as Christians...

2. Abortion...........

3.And a sweet boy named Chase who is just 3 years old and has a rare type of cancer. I try to pray for him often, especially at night (along with other pregnant ladies & new moms at our church) because I love the idea of thinking of this boy being showered in prayers from people all over the country and world even, literally around the clock. Oh that this boy would be healed and that this whole thing would bring much praise and honor to the Lord. You will see that it is already if you read Ellie's blog (Chase's mom). They are an amazing family and have handled this whole amazingly hard situation as only people can who know the Lord and trust in Him fully for their & their son's future.

A picture of Chase helping his nurse with labs

UPDATE on Chase - his most recent spinal tap revealed that it was negative for cancerous cells! Though this doesn't speak to the state of his tumor and cancer as a whole, it's SUCH encouraging news. Praying this treatment continues to work on his little body and all the cancer present in it.

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