Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year's Resolutions....

I'm not a big resolution person....
I would make them when I was a kid and forget what they were a few weeks later.
Similar in HS, college and beyond....
BUT this year my husband and I decided to set some resolutions, goals - maybe the new year was an excuse to do so? Here they are. Just to put them out there. Maybe for me to review them again and for the accountability factor of writing them out and posting them?
I truly cannot believe that January is already coming to an end. So a belated happy new year and a blessed 2013 to you all.

1. Pray much more. For my family, friends, my kids, my husband and myself (trust me, I need it!)
2. Consistency in bible reading. Thankful for my email bible accountability group for this. Helps A TON.
3. My husband. Wow - he is SO wonderful. I truly don't deserve him and yet when I'm tired, down, overwhelmed - whatever the excuse, I'm so quick to be irritated, disrespectful and rude. And this should not be. Why do we treat the people closest to us the worst? And yet we'd never treat a stranger this way?! So I desire to respect him more and show this to him everyday and in every way.
4. UGH. you had to know it would be on this list. get. in. shape. whatever that means.....
For the record I have been running on a treadmill in the basement. a few times a week. It's not been that fun but it's gotten easier thankfully. My biggest desire is just to be more moderate and self controlled. In eating, exercise, etc. Wasn't easy on the body to have 2 babies in a year and a half. So just want to gradually get back in shape. and with that TRY not to compare myself to others or to myself in old pictures.......sigh.
5. Live more simply & spend less money. Every magazine has new ideas, new products we "need," new outfits to buy, new home decor - it will never end, so it's on me to be content with what I have and know in my mind and heart that the next purchase won't satisfy me and it will never be enough. I have to find this contentment in the Lord. He is all I need! So with that I want to be more creative with food, home, clothing purchases and just spend less in general. The American way tells us we need WAY more than we really do and I'm finally seeing that....

Ok there's my list. Should you want to share any of your resolutions, comment away :)

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  1. All wonderful things to work on this year, Rachel! Maybe you could share some ways that you have changed or implemented them as the year goes on---I'd love to be inspired by your progress!

    1. Good idea - will definitely keep you updated on my progress or lack there of. Some good accountability in that! :)

  2. Yes, all wonderful things and literally all should be on my list! Like sweetmamak said, would love to hear how it goes!

  3. love them. looks really similar to my list :)

  4. we share similar goals this year :)