Monday, February 4, 2013

Flying South

A Florida trip is approaching and I need some HELP.
I have NEVER flown with a toddler or an infant, let alone both.
Anyone have any tips for either of these age categories - websites, pins, blogposts, personal experiences?
Is it hard on their ears? What are good games, snacks, activities to bring? Tips for if L gets sick or is scared? Eeks, I'm nervous - can you tell??
Need all the help I can get - Thanks in advance!!



  1. Ironic coming from me, but these two posts jump to mind!

  2. traveling with an infant is EASY (other than all the stuff you need for baby). Make sure you have a pacifier or bottle (or ready to nurse), easily accessible for the plane ride. The sucking motion helps for little ears popping. Big "worry" times for that is only during take off and landing. I found with my kids, that when landing if they were asleep they were fine.

    a 2 year old is a little more challenging. have toys that keep her occupied. crayons/coloring book, mag-na-doodle, toys that easily fit into a backpack. SNACKS are always great at this age. Making your own version of "Trail mix" using cereals, and rasins, goldfish, keeps them entertained.

    don't travel with liquids, buy juice and water once you get through security. if you take orajel or baby tylenol, put it in a quart-size ziplock baggie so you can pull it out for them to see (along with all your other liquids and gels). same thing with baby foods. it's considered a "gel". if you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me. We've flown with our kids at different ages many times now, and have other tricks up my sleeve ;)

    You can also check my pinterest board "travel" there's a pin on "50 ways to entertain a kid on an airplane" too. hope that helps!!!

  3. I bring my own milk boxes (cheaper and you can only bring 2 or 3)a helpful tip someone gave us do not give it to them until you start to get up in the air. We also brought the DVD player, but if you have an iPad pack it with movies/games, sticker books help too. I have a boy so I gave me him a new hotwheel car. Gummy bears/fun fruits help not healthy, but they work. I haven't flown with a baby yet.

  4. Call me! Ive flown at least 30 times with kids!

  5. Call me! Ive flown at least 30 times with kids!