Monday, April 29, 2013

Colored Jeans for Every Shape

A circle of colored jeans
Real Simple Article and Photos

I have been LOVING colored jeans - mostly I have gotten them from JCP but there were some ideas of where else to look in this article like Old Navy, Forever 21 for cheaper pairs and a lot of other places for pricier ones :)


  1. colored jeans take me back! i have tried on the skinny colored jeans at Old Navy, but for my calves (low leg, not the cow, lol) i cannot pull them up! i even tried going up TWO sizes to get those monsters in! i may have to check out JCP and forever 21. Thanks for sharing!

    I did just find a pair of colored dress slacks at Dress Barn just in case you're feeling fancy ;)

    1. haha - i know!! It takes me back too - I totally had Arizona brand magenta jeans in 5th grade, which makes it pretty funny that I just got more colored jeans from JCP 18 years later!! wow :)

      Good idea! Will have to keep my eye out for some colored dress pants - saw some fancy long shorts & capris at target but didn't have a chance to try any on.