Monday, April 1, 2013

Mags & A Giveaway

I enjoy getting magazines and love quiet moments where I sit in my big chair my new wool throw (see here - I'm a big fan.... :) and a cup of coffee - either fresh and hot or old and cold after a long morning :) Coffee in any form is good in my book!
Anyways - I am probably getting too many magazines at this point since I can't seem to get through them by the time I get the next month's issue, so I'm always behind. But regardless, I LOVE them and the moments I get to go through them. Here's a little synopsis of the mags I get & why I like them:

Country Living

1. Love their "What's Country Now" - includes bargain of the month, a feature on someone who is making a country living, All in the Details
2. Fresh Picks - great suggestions & ideas for the home in every price range
3. Love seeing pics of different people's antique finds and what they are worth and a little section on different ideas of fun thing to collect. love their ideas
4. Their features on homes are fantastic - I love the backstory on the families and why they chose their house and the uniqueness of the home, or it's age or how it was remodeled keeping it in the style of the era of it's origin and how it was decorated, etc....
5. I like looking through the recipes and they look good but I don't often try them.
6. I just love the whole feel & style of the magazine and everything in it. I'm a fan, can you tell?!

Real Simple:
1. love the clean, uncluttered feel of it and it's thick - feels more like a book than a cheap mag which I like
2. like the photos and artwork throughout each issue
3. like the "Your Words" section where readers answer a question of their favorites or advice on different specific things that change each month
4. like their tips in "The Realist" section - showing an entire outfit of a certain color for the season or a list of uses for a common item we all have at home...
5. I like the short stories that are featured by guest writers or contest winners - they are thoughtful and well written
6. enjoy the beauty pics, product suggestions and features. i usually skim over bc the products are WAY out of my price range. my wrinkles will stay with me forever bc i am not buying a cream for $200. sorry. but like the photos and like to try hair ideas or lip colors, etc from what I see
7. like the home photos and ideas
8. Like the "Real Steals" section of the Fashion Guide even though they are typically not real steals in my book ;)  But again - I like seeing what they pair together and the colors, etc. Same with the higher fashion section they have.
9. The food section is worth a peek especially if you are a risk taker. I am not because I live with a meat and potatoes man, otherwise I might try some of to look through anyway.

Good Housekeeping:
1. I was quite surprised by this magazine. I got an offer in the mail to get GH and Woman's Day for like $6 so I thought, oh why not. But I have actually LOVED it and will definitely renew.
2. I like the interviews they do with different celebs or people - interesting to read about what they are passionate about & see a window into their life.
3. I like their little tips throughout the mag & the "Good life" title page suggestions are fun
4. Love their list of new products that fit with the seasons that are $40 and under (at least in the mag I'm looking at right now)
5. I like the clothes sections - good ideas and reasonable outfits are shown which is nice.
6. I have enjoyed their articles or pieces that are included in the mag from a book that is about to be published or their was an article recently written on how to be a friend to a friend who's sick by a person who just went through getting breast cancer. Very helpful, insightful and well written.
7. I like the expert sections throughout - health, nutrition, beauty, home and I love Ask Heloise - get some great tips from this one!
8. I love all the GH "Test" products or food items - they try out hundreds of different items - so shredders are featured this month in one part and Prescription glasses in another and honey-baked hams in the food section and they talk through the winners and why they won.
9. I like the happiness project section that is in each mag
10. The recipes look good & practical too. I haven't gotten this mag super long so I have probably only tried one so far.

Woman's Day
1. I would say this and GH have a little bit older feel to them - not a mag for your average person in their 20's but I kind of like that. I'm a mother/wife/homemaker and I'm getting to my 30's pretty quick so I do find most of the info/articles applicable. (just a side note.... :))
2. Like the fun finds under $20
3. I like Katie Couric's monthly little article.
4. Like the At Home ideas
5. Enjoy the beauty product sections and the finds they list under $10 - that's more my price range :)
6. The style/fashion features are just okay in my book
7. LOVE the recipes. Haven't gotten the mag too long and have already made some winners.
8. There are some good health/wellness tips that I have found helpful
9. Too many ads - they are every couple pages and feels excessive
10. Thin pages - makes it feel kind of cheapy

Family Circle

1. Like the pro-pointers and home ideas & articles where I can see what other people have done
2. Love the get organized where they show a particular area or closet and what works - I neeeed more organization!! :)
3. Always have loved the 10 under $10 favorite beauty products that the beauty editors share
4. Find some of the health tips or articles helpful
5. The main reason I started to get this mag was for the recipes - have a couple favorites that are from here and always like looking through the recipes. Always seem delish, practical and not too out there for our family
6. I like the "Family Life" page at the end that interviews an actor or singer, etc who talks about their family

So there's the scoop on the mags that I get.
I am getting ready to renew (or not renew) some of my mags and I was thinking since I love blog giveaways and never seem to win any......I will give away a magazine subscription. Not sure which one yet.......but one that I like!

To enter my giveaway:
1. Tell me what your favorite(s) magazine is that you get currently or in the past

2. Tell me what magazine out of the ones I listed that you would most like to get

Enter by April 10, 2013 and I will announce the winner shortly after. Thanks and Happy Easter!!! <3


  1. Well miss ray--I love my food network magazine! It's big and I love reading about restaurants and finding fun recipes. Out of your magazines I would say Real Simple...though you made me way more interested in Country Living too!

    1. I just heard someone else talking about the food network mag - I don't think I've ever seen it - sounds like a good one!!

  2. My fav (and only) mag subscripion is better homes and gardens. i love looking at all the home ideas (granted most of them i will never do) and the recipes. you get some good magazines (and lots impressed you an actually look thru them all). i think the good housekeeping or real simple would be a fun one.

    ps fun seeing you and the kids briefly at easter service. how fun the whole fam could be together

    1. I just saw the better homes and gardens mag in the grocery store and it looked like a great issue - I will have to pick it up!

  3. Rachel, no worries. Lady Finn cries her eyes out for a good 30 seconds EVERY Sunday when I drop her off in the twos nursery - you seriously would think someone is murdering her. For whatever reason she doesn't want to be in there. Never a problem in ones and I hope when she gets to 3's she dries it up! Lucy was so cute, I'd hold her and she'd cry. I tried putting her down after 15 minutes and she'd say "wanna hold you" {Finn says the exact same thing} and I'd pick her up, distract her for a minute then she'd fuss again. Finally, she kept asking for your mom - gammy or gamma. It was too cute!

  4. Fun! Hope I am not too late to enter! I love real simple... I got TONS of magazines a few years ago and had the same problem you said! I never by the gossip magazines but it is the highlight of my grocery store trips, when i check out i read the covers. :)I would also like to try Good Housekeeping. Or any of those!