Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So Noah woke me up at 3:30 a.m. on this day a few weeks ago and since it had been raining hard and stormy all night, I looked outside and saw the rain starting to collect on the sides of the street & clog up the storm drains. So I thought hmmm.....better check the basement (since flash floods and backed up water in the street can mean water in basement for us). And sure enough there was water starting to come up in our clean out drain in the basement.
Woke up Joe and we began 6 hours of fighting off the water and pushing it into the sump pump to drain out. If we knew how bad it was going to get we probably would have been moving all our storage bins, furniture, carpet, appliances out..........
But we did not know. So at 9:30 a.m. we had to give up and come upstairs since the water started coming up through the floors throughout the entire basement.
Ruined: Freezer, water heater, dryer, mini fridge, couch, flooring, odds & ends.
Thank the Lord they were able to dry out our furnace and get it working again. And all our clothing bins & important kids stuff was salvaged after being washed and dried. Thankful for our in-laws and friends who helped us a great deal.
Took some time to get back up and running - literally but also mentally, emotionally, etc....
It's overwhelming to have something like this happen in so many ways. It was good for us in some ways - to simplify, down-size, go through things and try to see what's really important to hang on to, etc. But it's also very hard to lose cards, photos, things like that. I'm such a sentimental person, so I find memories or some attachment to almost everything (yes, I'm working on this one - but it's just who I am....:) ) So this has been hard. But our upstairs is almost recovered and we are in the decision making process of what to do downstairs. Again - thankful for generous family and friends who have helped us in numerous ways. And looking forward & ahead to getting things more organized and back to normal :)
Just thought I'd share some photos of our road that became a canoe-able river and the property next door that became a lake (with waves?!?!)

perks of unfinished basement: learning to ride a trike!

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  1. bummer. we had some (that required pulling up carpet--and I thought that was annoying!) but not nearly the damage as you! you have a great attitude...hang in there :/