Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day help

Ahhh - the Real Simple Gift gift isn't going to cut it.....
Anyone have some good ideas for gifts for my hubby????
I get my dad coffee because he never seems to want anything else - but if you have good ideas for dads/grandpa's mention it too



  1. Hmmmm...Father's Day gifts can be hard. Last year I started making those photo books (like from Snapfish) of pics of Corey and the kids from the previous year. I did that again for this year for him. I also got him an air popper and popcorn kernels (random, I know). Corey will take his dad golfing for his dad's gift and Shelby and I have been racking our brain for my dad. I think we decided to get him a giftcard (to the shooting range random again I know!). I'm sure you'll come up with something good. We are big gift givers here if you couldn't tell!

    1. These are all great ideas - I will keep them in mind for future years too -Joe would love the shooting range idea too. Thanks Kasey!!