Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When do we ditch the Crib??

Talked to a friend whose 2 year old has been in a bed awhile and they will soon move their one year old to a bed as well so got me thinking about when do we transition our gal to a bed? And do we do a toddler bed or go straight to a big bed?
Any tips on when and what kind of bed?
Lucy is doing great in her crib still so I just haven't thought about it much. Let me know if you have anything to share, I'd appreciate it!

My girl in her crib when we made her new room (April 2012)
(And thanks for the crib Ashley! :))


  1. Honestly, I've learned it's a personality thing. Use it as a gauge. Now I realize Lucy is two but is she responsible enough to stay in a bed? Things that we've done: Teague transitioned at 16 months because I refused to buy another crib and my kids are 17 months a part. He's was a chill baby and I always let my kids read themselves to sleep. That helps to keep them in bed. Finn was 18 months-ish. Both kids used a side rail and many times Teague still turned himself around in his sleep and fell out of bed. He's always been fine just shaken up. No problems with Finn. Not sure if you guys spank, but that is one of our consequences for getting out of bed to play or for no good reason. Hope this helps. Oh and they both went started in a twin bed.

  2. I agree that you gotta do what works and everyone will give you a different opinion. Micah started crawling out of his crib at 2. It was a disaster for him going to a big bed b/c how do you keep a 2 year old in a big bed????? We went straight to a full size bed (stared with just mattresses on the ground) and now he does great. But it was not without a big struggle and lots of discipline for getting out of bed(but not everyone is strict about kids staying in bed for bedtime....). For Adelyn I plan to not stress about it so much but i also plan to keep her in her crib as long as possible....I don't care if she is 5 and still in a crib! haha!!!

  3. I had this really long comment...and then it wouldn't load. So you get the shortened version:

    We moved EV to a double mattress on the floor when we first moved to Bloomington. Only reason was we didn't want to move the crib. It was only her at 10 months and no toys in the room. Eventually we added back in the toys. She still sleeps on the mattress on the floor but we aren't strict at all about her getting out of bed. She actually doesn't except only on rare occasions. I'm not sure if that's something we did but I know we stuck with the same bed time routine for over a year now so she knows it is bed time.

    For our next move, hopefully in less than a month, we will probably move the crib with us. James will only be 8 months old and I don't think ready to stay in a bed.

    I like having EV in her room free to roam because it gives her independence and responsibility. She knows it is bed time and since we don't have a night light in her room, she doesn't have a lot of time to play with things in the light. She can decide where she wants to sleep. In the bed? Great. On the floor with her blanket? Whatever floats your boat kid. No harm in it.

    Like everyone said though, whatever you feel is best for your family.

  4. Thanks all! Definitely seems like it varies by kid, but that is all good to know and to hear from your experiences!