Monday, September 16, 2013

the 1 year dilemma

Ok Moms - any tips for me?

My little man is still nursing but I need to get him switched to milk soon. He doesn't seem interested in cow's milk and he's never taken a bottle. He does take a sippy cup which is good but only wants water or juice in it.
Any tips??


  1. I don't mean to sound harsh, but what's the problem? Your milk is way better for him then cows milk and I'm not a la leche league mom either. If I could have I would have nursed longer, but my kids really were saving their feedings for the middle of the night around a year - which is the last thing any nursing mama wants. So if that's the case get Noah to drink water out of a sippy cup or really watered down juice. We like the NUK cups best. Or keep introducing milk until he drinks it.

    I'm definately not a pediatrician but as a mama of almost 3 I'd say don't stress it, let him keep nursing. Plus, my kids still aren't big milk drinkers. They eat lots of yogurt and cheese which gives them the calcium they need daily. Hope this helps. Email me if you need more advice:

  2. I applaud you for nursing for an entire year!! You rock. Seriously. That is commitment. I hear you if you're done and over it tho, or if you're thinking of weaning for other reasons. What if you pumped and put breast milk into a sippy or bottle, got him used to the method of delivery, the

  3. Then start to blend cows milk into the breast milk and get him used to the taste slowly? Until you're eventually giving him 100% cows milk and zero breast milk (aka FREEDOM! Haha).

  4. So annoying. It keeps freezing me as I type. One more thought: have you tried warming up cows milk? Maybe mimicking the temperature of breast milk would help? Good luck, whatever you do for whatever reason(s)! You're an awesome mom and you will figure this out - probably without my help. 😉