Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GREEN Smoothie?!?

I cannot believe I jumped on this band wagon. I've always been anti-health nut stuff and this green smoothie craze.....but our local grocery store has a juice bar/smoothie, etc. and I actually tried a sample and LIKED it. WITH KALE IN IT. Yeah so I started changing my mind on all this and walked slowly by the juice bar and memorized the ingredients in some of the smoothies and then bought them and made my own the next day. And I also referenced some blogposts I'd seen about what those ladies throw in their smoothies and so I went for it. AND LIKED IT. seriously this is baffling to me.

I put in kale, dark green romaine, some fresh pineapple & a little of the juice, a whole mango & juice and I little milk just to keep it liquidy and a little creamy.
Welp, will probably do it again tomorrow and maybe this time try banana and pineapple with my greens - woot!

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  1. you gonna make me one this summer??:)

    1. you betcha! I'll really have it perfected by then :)