Thursday, May 15, 2014


Loving my last Rimmel finds at walgreens!
A pink lipstick and 2 bottles of nail polish (buy one get one half off so I spent $2.25 total on those?!)
It literally dries in 60 seconds - I was amazed. Having kids makes it impossible for me to paint my nails and not mess them up - so this is a lifesaver as far as my nails are concerned! And I could even paint Lucy's since she can't keep her hands still for longer than 60 seconds, yay!

RIMMEL - Kate Moss Rosetto #08: I bought this at Target for $4.99. The color is a lovely shade of pink, and stays put for a full day of wear. I will definitely buy this again.

RIMMEL Kate Moss Rosetto #08


RIMMEL 410 I Lilac You

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