Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bare Minerals


So I was at our local outlets and stumbled upon a Bare Minerals outlet with all kinds of deals going on after Christmas. I was looking for a foundation to replace my mabelline one that I was out of and that Ulta was out of as well :(
And although my skin is always better in pregnancy, it also seems that this foundation is helping my skin in a lot of ways. I haven't had a single break out since using it and I like the way my skin looks when I'm wearing it. It's light and feels really good on. A big test will be trying it this summer when I'm not pregnant and when my skin is much more oily! But my guess will be that it works much better than my cheap-o liquid foundations!

I tried the original loose powder foundation, the mineral veil powder, blush,mascara, 2 brushes and some lip glosses and tinted chapsticks. I couldn't believe the prices, the Christmas specials were an additional 50% off so the prices were lower than drug store cosmetics which seems amazing for the quality and purity of the products!

If you are looking to try some new makeup and can find these specials online or in-store go for it, I've been loving it!

Here's a review on Bare Minerals/Care Escentuals and explains why it's so good for your skin

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