Monday, April 27, 2015

31 weeks

Here are pics from 29 and 30 weeks!

Best moments this month: All the movements of the baby, having Lucy and other family members feel the kicking and shifting. Getting into week 30 and starting appts every 2 weeks!

Food cravings: Fruit, Popsicles, been HUNGRY somedays, not sure if that is me or pregnancy...eeks

Gender: A June surprise!!

Belly button in or out: Beginning its shift outward....

Labor signs: some braxton hicks around 20 weeks, 25 weeks, 28 weeks - not sure why certain days and then not for awhile

What I miss: mobility, not feeling sore, having energy for projects and getting work done after kids are in I just want to sit and read or go to bed!

What I am looking forward to: Being outside with the kiddos, getting a little sun, wearing dresses! Also getting to May! That means I'm SO close!

Milestones: Baby is 3lbs, almost 16 inches - wow!
I passed my glucose test and had my Rhogam shot - ouch!

But now I'm up to visits every 2 weeks and in the 30's hooray!

Pray for me in May as I have to travel twice and just hope the baby holds off until at least 38 weeks like Lucy and Noah. <3 <3