Monday, April 20, 2015

Baking with my girl

Lucy's favorite past time has been playing baking apps on my phone...Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair & Bake Shop and Easy Bake Treats.....
So naturally she has been dying to help me bake and cook in the kitchen. I struggle with this bc me doing it myself is easier, cleaner, faster. Fortunately I had just read "Loving the Little Years" by Rachel Jankovic and in her chapter called "Knowing your Sheep" she talks about letting all (5!) of her little ones help in the kitchen and the joy it brings them - they aren't trying to be overwhelming - and fat souls are better than clean floors. Reading this chapter has helped allow me to let my kids crack more eggs, stir more pots of sauce and soup and add more cups of sugar to the mixer. Another humbling reminder? After Lucy spilled like a 1/2 teaspoon size of sugar and I told her to be careful, I spilled about a 1/2 cup........................

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  1. haha I love your last sentence:) It is such a good thing but definitely is hard to let go!