Thursday, October 14, 2010

House photos

Well, it appears everything is moving along with the house! So we officially started boxing up some things today - WEIRD! Here are some photos from when we had the inspection done a couple weeks ago. Again - will have more pics of house and me when I get them from my dad - the CD should come anyday! :)

The front porch

baby's future room

front of house


will be guest room/office

the track next to our yard...guess I'll have NO excuses post-baby...


back porch off of house and area to put patio furniture

yard and back of house


  1. Rach.. LOVE the house..It has so much charm:) And now you can have a bigger refrigerator. Josh and I were laughing the other day about when I had to squeeze that ice pack into your freezer when I was up there. It was like playing tetris, haha. So excited for you guys. Can't wait to come stay in the guest room:)

  2. What a CUTE house!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery :)

  3. Well, I guess you guys decided...stinker! You didn't even tell me! That happened quickly...what is the story?

  4. Yay! So fun...need more pics of the little momma though:)

  5. thanks guys!! just got more photos of me, will post soon! :)

  6. Loooove that kitchen floor.

  7. Can you take me to see it?! Love it!!