Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our baby GIRL is here!

Wow - we were certainly surprised!! We had been told the last 7 months that we were for sure having a boy - by pretty much everyone: family, friends, co-workers, strangers and Surprise it was a girl!! What a sweet, sweet surprise. We love her so, so much and can't imagine having a boy now, even though that is what we mostly pictured for the whole pregnancy. ha...
Also quite a surprise for my water to break 2 weeks early! We were definitely NOT prepared, but we got ready fast.
We are home and doing well. I was struggling this afternoon with pain - realized I hadn't had Ibprofuen in like 9 hours, so Joe ran to get me some and I'm doing a lot better. Nursing is going well, I'm sore, but such is life!
Here are some pics from my dad's ipod, will work on getting more up soon!

We are just so thrilled and thankful - feel so blessed and just love this baby girl so, so much. Thank you for your prayers - love to you all~~


  1. such a cutie! so sweet. praising the Lord with you for your new little bundle. glad you are home and doing well. can't wait to meet lucy joy!!! love you lots!

  2. that baby is so cute!! You guys are so blessssed!!! SO excited for you! xoxoxooxo

  3. She is so precious!!!! What a blessing...congrats to you both!

  4. CUTIE! glad everyone is well! eager to hear how the delivery went for you and Joe...congrats and enjoy!

  5. SHE is SOOOOO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! What day was she born? SO excited for you both!!! Girls are wonderful!

  6. Have I told you I really want to visit her:)