Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 months = rice cereal!

Here's a few photos till I get my camera up and running...
We've tried Lucy on rice cereal 3 times and each time she gets the hang of it more and more and is doing really well, yay!
Let's hope this helps her sleep better since she's struggled post-swaddle...and it doesn't help that we were at summer camp, in Virginia, at camp reveal, etc. Not easy to adjust and she got a little cold somewhere in there too.

We have been going to the pool too and that has been a blast, Lucy loves water - just like her Mommy and Daddy!! We were all there today and had a lot of fun, plus it totally tires her out, which is good too! :)

Lucy is starting to fill out too, which is fun and also crazy, can't believe how big she is getting so not baby-like anymore :(
Very interested to hear her stats at her 6 month appt on Aug 21....


Tuckered out from the pool!

Thanks Aunt Sara for the fun shirt!

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