Saturday, August 6, 2011

Perfect Iced Coffee

Pioneer Woman....she's the best.
If you love Iced Coffee, you have to try this. It's definitely the solution to making it at home.
Go to her site for the full explanation, photos, etc on how to make it and why this is the only way to really make it. But read below if you don't have large enough containers to make a full pound of iced coffee (3 weeks worth) at one time...
Take out a decent size tupperware and combine 2 qts cold water and a cup and a half of coffee grounds. stir to make sure the grounds have all come in contact with the water. Let sit for 8 hours minimum - I think I left them for 15 hours or so? :) Strain through a coffee filter - I used the wire one from my coffee pot and strained it into a 2 qt pitcher I had. Then refrigerate and then try with creamer or half & half and a tsp of sugar and a glass full of ice. Delicious!!!

*all photos from PW's blog


  1. ummm YES delicious! I'll have to try that. Also, if you put some coffee in ice trays, then when the ice melts it won't make the coffee watery put more coffeey.

  2. I'm personally not into coffee, but thanks for sharing this! :) I am certain many will love it!