Monday, August 29, 2011

Vegetable Garden

It's been SO fun having a garden this year. I didn't get too many plants, assuming it would be a flop, but shockingly it has been a huge success. Probably means we got good plants and have great soil because honestly I haven't done a thing...
I think I will plant a lot more next summer too. I haven't bought any tomatoes this summer because we always have them on hand from our garden and it's been fun having cucumbers, squash, red peppers, etc. to throw into salads or recipes or just to eat fresh!


  1. Very nice! Makes me want to work on a veggie garden :)

  2. jealous, jealous, jealous...our garden was a flop this year

  3. Yum! Your peps look awesome! It is so nice to use stuff from your own yard. By the way I cannot believe Lucy is 6 months! She is a doll