Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY dessert plates

I have been seeing these interesting pieces everywhere lately! Wheaton French Market, Kane county flea market, Country Living magazine, etc....
And for Ladies' Craft night at my parent's church this year, the ladies will be picking a plate or two and a base and making their own. So I have been helping my mom collect plates and she has been collecting bases (candle sticks, vases, small glasses, tea cups, etc.)
Since it's a pre-Christmas craft night, there will be fun Christmas plates to choose from or just pretty antique ones or different colors or themes. It's so fun because the combinations seem endless.

Have you guys seen these?
I think they would be cute for displaying desserts, candies or just as decor on a shelf. But they would also be a fun Christmas gift wrapped up with candies or chocolates on them. Especially since it's very cheap to make them - $1 plate and $1 candlestick from flea market....done and done.

Here are some photos I took of ones I have seen around:

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