Monday, June 11, 2012

Easter Recap...yes, Easter.

I know, I'm a tad behind....
I didn't see these pics my dad had taken until late May, so I thought I'd share them bc they are sweet pics of the girl. We had a lovely Easter time, Joe had a fishing trip that week with his brother and dad and I spent a lot of time in Michigan - probably the most since moving to IL and then Joe joined us and then we came home that weekend to work on creating Lucy's new room and then had Easter at our home church & dinner with the Jones family. Lovely times!

Trip to the pier in St. Joe

She wanted him to walk her the entire length of lake michigan - same thing at the house, they looped the house too many times to count!

"GAMPA" - she says it all the time now!

Building a fire!

Sweet dress from Aunt Sissy

Sorry - didn't realize there would be THIS many photos :)


  1. such sweet photos! and I bet your dad's back is sore?

  2. i love how much she loves your mother like daughter;)