Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Treats

Here are some ways we have been enjoying summer and staying cool in the heat!

Iced Coffee
Here's Pioneer Woman's recipe for homemade iced coffee - been making this for a couple summers now. It's very good. I usually use starbucks and add ice, a little sugar, some flavored creamer and vitamin D milk. healthy, i know.
Here's my post on it:

If you are out and about in the afternoon and haven't had your coffee fix, definitely hit up Dunkin Donuts for  any size $0.99 iced coffee or iced tea from 3-6 p.m. I get the iced coffee with mocha, cream and a little liquid sugar since the regular sugar never dissolves.

We've been branching out from just Dean's vanilla and me with my chocolate ice cream and have been getting all these great Breyer's ice creams on sale at Dominicks. They are SO good & of course love the Edy's fruit bars :) We actually make ourselves ice cream cones for walks since I get these for less than $3 and just a cone in dt wheaton is more than that. woot.

We have been utilizing our swing in the mornings and baby pool along with our park district pools to keep cool. Lucy is still being "trained" to obey and stay by me at the pool. She's a wild woman with the water and LOVES it :) Plus who can resist a baby in a bikini????

P.S. Let me know if any local girls are going to the pool - having other kids to watch or play with might be a better way to contain her :)


  1. I love this post because it is about coffee and ice cream. :) What could be better?! Stay cool!

  2. Nice! Love the ice cream choices. :) She is SO cute!! Glad you're finding enjoyable ways to keep cool. Monica is regularly going to the pool and is always looking for someone to go with - you should contact her and set something up, you guys would love it! :)

  3. The problem is that we have pool passes to different pools :(