Wednesday, August 15, 2012

37 week appt

Measured: 37.5 cm
Weight: Up 22 lbs
Baby's heartbeat: 144
Feeling: Oy! Lots of braxton hicks contractions that come and go and extra sore, more waddling, more low pressure - baby dropping one can hope! Just feeling ready to get there, yet trying to enough these last days of just me and the girl (along with some sweet family time with all 3 of us :))
Status: 1 cm dialated, 50%'s something!

Got some fun maternity shots taken - will share soon.
And here I am feeling ready to burst!


  1. You may have mentioned in a previous post - I can't remember, but do you feel like you're having a boy or a girl? What does your mother's intuition say? Just curious.

  2. oh fun can't wait to see the pics! Enjoy those last days for sure. I am so anxious to hear though:)

  3. Aww you look FABULOUS friend!! I cannot wait to meet your next little munchkin! Praying for you during this final time, that you guys will have lots of special time together, and that Lucy will adjust well to a sibling. I'm sure it's overwhelming and scary, but you guys are both amazing parents and I'm sure you will raise another beautiful, wonderful child!!! Love & hugs my friend!