Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucy Update

Haven't written about my girl in awhile!!

Lucy is almost 18 months - cannot believe it. Time is flying by but we are having a blast and just enjoying each day. She is at SUCH a fun age.
Her 18 month stats were 80% percentile for height and head and her weight is 21 lbs 2 oz - didn't give me the percentile for that but it's probably still hanging around the 7-12% range :) She's our little peanut!

Picky eater right now but she's a good little walker and a BIG time talker.
Here's a list of some of her words:
Momma, Hi Momma, Dadda, Hi Dadda, Baby, Hi Baby, Train, Choo Choo, Shoes, Juice, Gampa, Hi Gampa, Gamma, Hi Gamma, Mimi, Hi Mimi, PaPa, Sissy, Amen, Bible, Ball, Bird, Book, Hi, Hello, Bath, Go Go Go!, Go-Go for yogurt, Truck, Car, A ride, outside, wa-wa for water, All gone, Hot, Cold, Swing, Dog, Cow, MooMooo, BaaBaa, Keys, walk...
And she's quite the personality as you can probably tell from these photos :)
Taken between 16-17 months:

We love her SO much and are so thankful for the past year and a half we have had with her. Praying the transition is smooth to her being a big sister and that she enjoys this new little one immensely! :)

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  1. Hahaha what a hilarious, fun, spunky kiddo!! She's such a delight - God has really blessed you guys with quite the girl!! :)