Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deals and Steals: Goodwill

Ok - so I LOVE our goodwill. I've heard the salvation army by us is great too, but I have yet to get there.
It's not too easy going through a store with Lucy in tow let alone a car seat and 8 week old :)

In case you didn't know - Target donates their clearance items to goodwill and several items I had already bought to give my neices and even Lucy for Christmas from target that I'd paid around $6 each for were there for $1.99 and these fun loafers that I had considered buying for $20, I got for $2.99!! Not showing pics of sandals and loafers so that I don't give away what I got them for Xmas, but here are my loafers and sandals for my girl for next summer.

Also, I've just started doing some running and pilates....but still my jeans are a bit snug. hey, I did Just have a baby! :) So I've appreciated finding a couple pairs of jeans at goodwill to get through this season (hopefully just a season... :)) AND this pair was a yellow ticket so I got it 50% off!

Lucy LOVES these toys right now but only gets to play with them in nursery at church until now! She spotted them and kept saying they were Lucy's and I'm like ok, I have to get these! SO excited for her to wake up from her nap and see them in the basement!

And lastly - I've also found some books & toys for Lucy there, shoes for Joe and lots of other things in the past, AND you have 10 days to make returns for a credit, so actually all the things I bought today (1 jeans, 6 pairs of shoes that were all new & 2 riding toys) didn't cost me a dime! I had a $26 credit from some pants I'd tried for Joe and me and some shoes I changed my mind about this summer and I have a few dollars left to spend there, woot!!

My last "deal" that I get very excited about are the clearance items at Dominicks. Anything close to the sell by date gets marked half off - so it might already be on sale and then it's another half off. I get milk, yogurt, OJ, cheeses, pies, coffee, cocoa, pasta and a lot of other things for cheap-o!!
   - oh and as noted in my last post - I do LOVE trying cosmetics that are on clearance (walgreens,    dominicks, target are the places I get the most)

Any deals/steals you guys get excited about??? Would love to hear about it!


  1. Once Upon a Child - children's consignment :)

  2. wear & share!!! highly, HIGHLY recommend. also, we have that green plastic riding horse (garbage picking...) and savvy rides it all day long. it's also what she rides at church. and at the gym. you found a keeper ;)

  3. Yes!!! We love love wear & share! I go there too much now that it's downtown.....
    Nursery is where Lucy first rode that horsey too! She loves it :)