Monday, October 22, 2012


I recently read this blog on Lipstick and got me thinking about shades I like and shades I'd like to try. So here are my ramblings on it. Do any of you have a staple lipstick or lipgloss color that you love?? I'd love to hear the brand/color or any other suggestions! I'm always looking for a color that I love and I have a hard time doing so!

Pioneer Woman said she loved this color and that it works on everyone's skin tone so I tried it and I do love it. It's more matte but not too dry.
Totally Toffee (Maybelline)

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor, Totally Toffee 215

PW also recommended this shade at a later date and I haven't tried it yet - might be a little brown for me?
Toffee Tango (Maybelline)
Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor, Toffee Tango 375

Nearly There (Maybelline) - Saw this on a model in a magazine and loved it but when I looked at it in the store it looked too shimmery and I'd prefer matte color. I think the color is just right for me though, so I will continue to look... :)
Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor, Nearly There 205

Here's a Loreal Colour Rich shade I just found in my stash of clearance buys (love walgreens clearance makeup, target too sometimes) - and reallly like it!

When I saw this photo online after the Emmy's, I loved Sofia's lip color - see below for the colors - unfortunately the color is a mixture of 3 things - so guess it's not one perfect shade I can buy....
But maybe I'd start with the cover girl lip stick in Captivate and see how that is without the liner and gloss in those exact colors and use a gloss that I have already?

"We looked them all over and tried three different shades before finding the perfect one. I wanted the lip to look like caramel, so I added a little gloss. I filled in Sofia’s lips with LipPerfection Lip Color in Captivate, and then went back over the edge of the lips with LipPerfection Lip Liner in Smoky to fill them out and keep her lipstick in place. I topped it all off with Queen Collection Lip Gloss in Sugar and Spice just in the center of the lips."

**Update - I bought this at walmart and really like it. It may be a bit dark for me - possibly better when I'm tan but also think it's a good fall shade and might look better if I'm wearing fall colors :)

Also - a few years ago when a really nude lip was popular I remember reading that Victoria Beckham puts foundation on her lips lightly and then puts clear gloss over it. Interesting...
I love reading tips people have so please if you have any color suggestions or tips you use, comment away!


  1. Fun! I always love finding new lip colors and I'm really into the bright, bold red this season (Revlon's Fire & Ice) finished off with a high gloss. But of course that usually only comes out for date night so for everyday use, I've been really into Maybelline's Babylips. I've got almost one of every color and they are moisturizing and have a tint of color too. Perfect!

  2. ahhh, I wish I was brave enough to do a red. maybe I will try it one of these days! :)
    Ooh and I've heard about babylips in a magazine I think - thanks for the recommendation, will definitely try!!