Thursday, March 21, 2013

Needed This

Read this lovely quote here & thankful people seem to post things like this on their blogs just when I need to read them! <3 <3
"What does it matter if we never have a vacation or see the Grand Canyon or if the van rusts right through or if the mattress springs sag to the floor like an old mare given out?
We don’t have to try to arrive anywhere or climb anything or try to figure out how to make it –
Just make our lives a living sacrifice and let the days makes us like gold, to arrive before His throne.

The luxury of simply, lavishly growing old with you, 
all the messy, magnificent days adding up to years – 
I don’t know if He will ever give this 
and it’s His alone to give -
But every day is one day more and each sunrise is one day older and what if we were done with missing out on whatever we have right now?
If the highest love gives the best gift – is the best gift the gift of the everyday?

The everyday asking and listening and picking up your socks and saying nothing and rubbing your back and laying out fresh towels and smiling more because this is what you like that best. That our life together makes me happy and you can see it, how my eyes dance.

Everyday washing your stubble out of the sink and everyday sitting beside you and everyday saying nothing but leaning over and touching your hand.
It doesn’t matter how our love started or has stumbled – only that it keeps growing. This, by grace, we can do everyday."

-Ann Voskamp

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