Saturday, November 16, 2013

why being a mom is enough.

why being a mom is enough.

Thank you to the lady who wrote this blog post.
I feel so unaccomplished sometimes; when I see the different blogs, online shops, jobs, traveling, crafts, clean/organized/beautiful homes, etc that other mothers are somehow doing & having. I typically have no idea how they are doing it all because even one day of mothering 2 littles and not sleeping enough has me barely making it through a day of doing nothing and going no where outside of our pajamas and our home.

Thankful to have this blogger's perspective that no matter what anyone else does, me being a mother and being there for my kids, intentionally being there with them is all that matters for me right now. And it's enough.

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  1. Hey...I know this is an older post of yours, but I just found it while I was doing research. I'm the author of the post and i just wanted to thank you for your kind words. Sweet blessings to you today and thank you for all you do for your family.

    Rachel from Finding Joy